Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spiderman Birthday Party

What team work.. Owen and Colton helped Jackson get his golf clubs out of the box.
that Papa and Gigi got him.. what loving cousins
so excited, had to check out his swing with the new clubs
Uncle Paul giving into Allory.. wanted someone to open her candy
Opeing his gift from Papa and Gigi, his tools and stuff to go with his bench.
My dad and Colton are making a tool bench together.

Lauren giving Uncle Paul a big smile!! love it!!
Today we celebrated Jackson #5 and Colton's #4 birthday!  They are getting so big, can't believe how fast it has gone by.  Thanks you Melissa and Kristen for sharing their special day with us. Paul and I look forward to having our movie night out with them soon! Love you guys

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

The Kids at Christmas

We spent a wonderful couple day up at Bear Lake with Dave,Lauren and Melissa,Adam, Jackson and Lil Allory. We played card, the Wii and just enjoyed each other company.
New years day the guys and I went skiing at Crystal Mountain and the ladies stayed at home with Allory. Skiing was a lot of fun, its been like 15 years since I went last and didn't even break any bones. David on the other hand had a great yard sale. We had a lot of snow fall that day so we ending up heading home at evening. Thank Dave and Lauren for the invite we had a great time!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Inland Water Way

Captain Paul

Nana and Pop with the boys

Aidan driving the boat

Jace wanted a turn too

what a beautiful job, Jace..

digging for gold

docked for the night at Fleedwood hotel.

The Big Cheboygan Lock

Friends that were in the lock with us

Draw bridge

Aidan just loving the water

Mom and Dad all dressed up

sitting on the longest porch in the world.

Pink Pony

The Grand Hotel at night

Me in the front entrance of the Grand Hotel

rockin on the porch

Paul and I walking around the island

Grand Hotel

Aidan taking a break from bike riding

The boys and their bikes.. Dad and his basket : )

The boys riding along
Paul biking

our view from our hotel room!!

Our hotel room.
it was really neat since every room in the hotel is different

leaving the island
What a wonderful weekend with the Anderson family. Paul's family has been doing this boat trip since he was 5yr old, about six years ago I made my first trip with them. This time we have two little guys with us Aidan and Jace my brother in-law kids. We put the boat in at Petosky and went though many rivers, lakes and locks until we hit Mackinac Island. We made it to Cheboygan where we stand the night. We had some rainy weather, but still had a great time on the boat. Saturday we went to the island and had a Beautiful day riding bikes in the sunshine, walking around looking at all the history. We stayed at the Grand Hotel and it was amazing, talk about history..After 6pm women had to be in dresses and men in suits. After dinner we went out on the longest porch in the world and relaxed. Everyone was tried from a long day, except for Paul and I so we headed out to the bar.. The Pink Pony... is where Paul and his co-workers hangs out after they gets done with work. So I had to go check it out. They had a cover singer there he was amazing. Lets just say we had a great night. Sunday Morning we got up early to eat breakfast and take one more look around the hotel and pack our things and headed home. Thanks again Mom and Dad Anderson for putting a fabulous weekend together for us.